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meet the lady behind the lens

"The greatest photographer in town. Five stars across the board."   -Marissa's mom


lets fill our life with experiences, not things. have stories to tell, not things to show.


Doing what I love

and loving every minute of it.

Couple little things about me. I'm a toddler chaser & adventure seeker. Lover of sunsets (isn't that obvious?) I enjoy telling super corny jokes. I have no problem embarrassing myself if it gets other people laughing. I love sitting around the campfire, country music playing, beer in hand & surrounded by my favorite people. Being in nature is my favorite thing in the world. I truly think there's nothing more therapeutic than being in the great outdoors.

My whole world
my babes

Remember when I said I was a toddler chaser? Well this is them, husband included. (kidding.... kind of)

There are two things I know are my calling in life:

Being a photographer and being the mama to these sweet faces! You can also give them credit for providing me with the patience of a saint. Don't forget all of the sweet tips and tricks up my sleeve I've mastered to make even the most somber babies smile!

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